BCMG is the company with enough experience and expertise to succeed, and grow, with the clients, divisions, and new business acquisitions we get involved in… and that is the key to our successful growth model: 

The Leadership

CEO/James Andrew Ballas

Jim is the CEO of BCMG and the central creative force of the organization. He has been an on camera talent and spokesperson for over 20 years and it all started as a teen when Jim was chosen to be in the very first Bush Gardens Adventure Island theme park commercial. This lead to years of acting classes, college courses in broadcasting, workshops, live production, video, copywriting, and television and radio.

 Comfortable on camera with an easy going driving enthusiasm for the products and services offered, Jim’s persona and voice are well known in the DRTV and radio industry and has been featured in hundreds of television and radio commercials. Jim has done DRTV and radio commercials for everything from online business, household products and services, rare coins, and even legendary Rock memorabilia featuring guitars signed by Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, and The Who.

In addition to his on-air talents Jim is also one of the best copywriters in the business and has written and co-written hundreds of TV, DRTV, and radio ads. If you watch TV or listen to the radio you have certainly heard or seen commercials that Jim has written or appeared in.

At BCMG, Jim uses his unique and considerable talents to help create winning campaigns for both the business models BCMG creates, and the clients that they partner with, and he is always ready to go on the air and personally endorse and sell the business models they are working with. This makes Jim a very special and different type of CEO… One who is creative, versatile, and brings a new vision to every project that BCMG is involved with. View some of Jim’s DRTV work below:  

DRTV Infomercial 1

DRTV Infomercial 2

DRTV Infomercial 3

DRTV Infomercial 4

COO/Luke Dreyer

Luke Dreyer is the man who keeps things rolling at BCMG. From his ability to manage people, clients, projects and recourses, he is an indispensable component of the company. In addition to Luke’s management talent he is also a multi-talented and intuitive Internet marketing specialist and this gives him the edge when working on technically challenging projects that BCMG is involved in.

His background is in sales, marketing, Internet businesses, programming, and high-tech Internet marketing such as email campaigns and Display ads. Luke has also owned and operated business models like Streamline Marketing, a model based on marketing to college’s around the country, to Spotlauncher a DRTV and radio advertising company. 

Luke is always learning more and highly motivated to be “out front” on Internet advertising and creating new concepts. Because the Internet is evolving and growing on an almost daily basis, a COO like Luke Dreyer is imperative to the success of a company like BCMG, our in house businesses, and our client/partners. 

The Company


Together, Jim, Luke and Tim are the perfect three-pronged leadership team, a blend of creative talent, technical wizardry and marketing magic that makes BCMG a company that will succeed now and well into the future.

BCMG also employs other very highly talented people working in all facets of the business to create our success. These individuals come to us from all over the world to help us to realize the goals and success that BCMG is constantly striving for… and we are always looking for new ideas, fresh talent, and persons with the same highly motivated brilliance we bring to our projects.