At BCMG we developed the Blue Crush Monetization System to  create a higher conversion rate and higher profits in Internet industries that meet our criteria... We then develop Websites in these industries to capitalize on our System that we have in place... This makes acquiring and growing new companies and divisions as simple as “plugging” them into our existing systems creating unlimited growth and profit potential… unlike any other marketing company in the world today! 

Blue Crush Marketing Group LLC 

This is our parent company and the nucleus of the “group” At BCMG we create new and exciting advertising platforms and improve existing ones with the goal of increasing sales and lowering customer acquisition costs. This is The Blue Crush Monetization System… and with our dynamic and proprietary advertising platforms we are able to plug a business model of our own into a proven concept that is already producing, giving us the edge over a “regular” marketing company, and getting a superior result as well. We achieve this through the use of Internet advertising, intricate global email campaigns, highly creative Display ads, unique and perfectly programmed Websites, DRTV, radio, and other proprietary online concepts that create a “stream” of customers going in one direction… towards the sale or the desired conversion.

Below are just a few of the “Profit center divisions” we have developed, and we are always on the lookout for more profitable opportunities that fit our Blue Crush Monetization System criteria:

Need Funded

UNDER DEVELOPMENT- This popular and emerging industry is called “CrowdFunding” and its popularity is growing worldwide at an incredible rate. This model is a new concept in raising capital and is an alternative to the traditional methods.

With this business model individuals can privately fund anyone or anything that they like, from a new business looking for funding, to a family in need. Posting a funding request and all of the parameters of that request is free, and the site earns money by simply taking a fee for services.

This fee ranges from 5% -10% depending on the offer and how successful the posting is in reaching its funding goal.

Our site is now in production and ready to be plugged into our lead generation system. We project that we can have this model creating growing profits within the first 30-60 days.

Competitors in this model are sites like;,, and RocketHub. All of these sites raise millions of dollars per month and the industry grew to 2.7 billion dollars in capital raised in 2012. This is expected to double within the next two years. This site was created as a lead generation portal for global companies in the asset management field. This site has successfully found clients for currency trading companies, hedge funds, and other asset managers.

It is designed to have a series of revolving landing pages that pop up through content locking global display ads and can successfully bring a prospect through the landing pages as low as 3 cents each… and develop that prospect into a “hot” lead for as low as $2 per. This is a proven model and one of the lowest cost lead acquisition tools for a financial company, stock offering, or fund manager.

BC Connect

UNDER DEVELOPMENT- "We continually grow our customer base through "Blue Crush Connect", the innovative and advanced social network that rewards and incentivizes customers from all of our proprietary websites"

In addition to The Blue Crush Monetization System we've also developed the perfect social media portal that connects all of our customers to all of our Websites, brands, and offers... It's called Blue Crush Connect, and it's the most innovative social network of its kind.

With Blue Crush Connect, our members and customers can be rewarded for creating chats, sharing photos, connecting with others, updating statuses, creating groups, and connecting become connected to all of our sites and offers. It's the best way to continually grow our database of customers and always have access to them.

Blue Crush Connect gives us the ability to...

  • Connect all members through our exciting network of sites.
  • Give incentives and awards to our customer base for being active on the network in the form of points that can be cashed in for prizes and incentives.
  • Reward our customers for thier online activities, as they are already online sharing photos, chatting and connecting with others.
  • Allow users to invite other members to chat, update their status, create groups and make new friends through social media tools...thus exposing new members to the network of BCMG sites and lowering overall CPL.
  • Gives us the ability to announce and prepave new site and feature announcements from our growing network of sites.

Blue Crush Connect, along with The Blue Crush Monetization System are the one-two punch that gets us customers and keeps them active!

Affiliate Cash Express

UNDER DEVELOPMENT- This new and exciting division is called (ACE), and is currently the most outstanding and profitable business model that we have developed. is a company in a fast growing and very popular Internet segment called CPA (Cost per action), advertising, and our site was created to quickly take advantage and capitalize on this incredible business model that is growing throughout the world.

With AffiliateCashExpress, revenues can be virtually unlimited, the profit percentage is very high (over 60%), and there is no need for merchant banking or any other special arrangements in order to receive payment. Payment is made directly to us from the companies we advertise for and the Affiliate Networks that we partner with.

At (ACE), anyone over the age of 16 can earn an income from $25 - $50–per hour or more, by simple filling out and submitting free surveys, email submits, and advertising offers that are on the ACE site, and interacting with these offers as well as passing them on to others.

Here are just a few of the companies with exciting offers on the site: is completely free to join, there is never any cost to the members, and it pays its members for each action the member takes. There is also no limit to the number of members ACE can register… and the site is designed to have hundreds of thousands of registered, active, members.

BCMG employs the Blue Crush Monetization System to this division through the use of display ads, email campaigns, content locking, radio, and other proven traffic sources to bring a consistent amount of traffic to the site at the lowest conversion cost possible. Because of this, and the fact we are paid for every conversion our members make, this site can grow at an exponential rate monthly

  • CPA (Cost per action), site in fast growing and globally popular business model.
  • Site is free to members and they earn money by filling out free offers and surveys.
  • The company is paid directly by advertisers and Affiliate Networks we partner with and not by our customers.
  • No need for Merchant Banking or any special payment process.
  • Site is universal and available to anyone over the age of 16 who wants to earn more income at no cost to them.
  • Site is not a highly complicated site and programming is relatively easy. No technical problems that can hinder growth.
  • Site has unlimited growth potential in a multi-billion dollar genre… competing sites like and are reaching revenues above 100M annually.
  • Site can be highly leveraged through social media, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and others.
  • Site is perfect for the Blue Crush Monetization system and all preliminary activity shows outstanding growth and sustained profitability.
  • Site is operational and ready to be profitable in first 30 days 

Fusion Fundraiser Mobile App

UNDER DEVELOPMENT- The cutting edge Mobile App in development to allow traditional fundraisers for schools, clubs, organizations, sports teams, and more, to access a Mobile Application allowing for greater conversions and ease of fundraising. is being created to change the world of fundraising and to be the FIRST and ONLY mobile app of its kind…Revolutionizing the fundraising industry and making it more profitable for users.