Because of our insight into the global Internet marketplace we are able to determine what new industries and Websites are the most profitable. Once we ascertain that a particular genre of business is right for our “System” we can quickly develop a profitable Website in that industry and point our marketing system to it. This process can quickly create another highly profitable division for our company and our investors.

What we look for in an emerging and existing business model in order to create a new division for BCMG and utilize the Blue Crush Monetization System:

Is the model in an emerging or proven profitable industry?

Is the model in a multi-million or multi-billion dollar industry, and growing?

Is there good “buzz” in this industry that we can tap into?

Does the sale require a merchant bank agreement? We focus on industries that do not require CC’s for payment.

Is the payment method, or how we get paid, easy and sustainable for the customer, and for our site.

Does the industry fit what we do and can our System be adapted to it?

Can we sustain at least a minimum profit margin of 60%

Do we fully understand the model and can our existing platforms e immediately adapted to make our new division profitable in the first 30-60 days?