There are marketing companies and there are Affiliate marketing companies… But these companies do not regularly have insight into intricate business models that require highly advanced programming, creative’s, and conversion platforms to make them profitable.

There are also many Internet based companies, but they do not have the advertising experience that BCMG has. With the ability to create Internet campaigns, display ads, global email campaigns, targeted banner campaigns, or even drive traffic through traditional advertising vendors like Direct response television and radio.

With our ability to utilize our existing and proven advertising platforms and incorporate them into our new and existing projects, we are in our own category when it comes to advertising and business development.

In addition, there is no company like ours that has a nationally known direct response television personality as its CEO. Not only does BCMG have the background, the expertise, the programmers, creative elements, and business know-how to succeed with its chosen models. We also have a CEO completely comfortable going on camera to promote these businesses and those of our client/partners. Giving us more reach and credibility than others have.

Yes, when you add up all that BCMG is capable of doing, and how we specifically target only profitable business models with proven results. Then take our also proven advertising methods that are exclusively ours (and impossible to replicate by anyone else), and utilize them to drive traffic and conversions to our models… You get a company that can and will succeed like no other in its industry, and we have no direct competition in what we do.